Making your move as easy and hassle-free as it possibly can be.

Nobody likes the process involved in moving, and it can be a lot of work. But at Austin Mobile Storage we take pride in helping our clients get the easiest, most efficient move possible. With our mobile storage units you can move at your speed, without the huge costs of a moving truck.

  • Storage Container Drop-off

    We start by dropping off an empty storage container. You'll be able to choose from several different size options and tell us where on your property is the best place to put the container.

  • Pack at Your Pace and Standards

    Once the unit is set, you can pack it at your pace, however you see fit. You'll be able to pack based on your own personal standards and speed.

  • We'll Leave it, Store it, or Deliver it For You

    Packed and ready? You can leave the unit until you're ready to move, at which point we'll deliver it right to your new location - or store it for you until you are moving.

Less Stress

Instead of stressing about driving a large box truck safely, you get a unit that can be loaded and then moved by our team of pros for increased safety and less stress.

Take Your Time

You get to load your unit at your speed instead of rushing to try to load it before you're charged for another day's rental fee on a moving truck

To Your Standards

You and your family can load your storage container to your standards at your pace instead of having to rush alongside a moving company that you're paying by the hour to help.

Inhouse Storage Option

Once your unit is filled and ready, our team can even store it on our property to get it out of your way until you are ready to make the move, at which point we'll move it to the new location for you.


We offer affordable pricing with a higher level of quality and convenience that traditional storage facilities just can't match. Plus, you'll have 24/7 access to your unit at our secure facility!

More Options

You'll be able to choose exactly the storage unit that is needed and the method of moving that suits your situation, giving you more power and control over your move.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does The Container Arrive?

Our team delivers your storage container via truck. You tell us where on your site you need it placed and we set it there, giving you total control over location for less hassle during your move.

Is The Container Secure During Transport?

You'll be able to pack the storage container securely, up to your own personal standards for securing your belongings. Once we transport, we do so with the utmost care and respect for your property.

How Long Do I Have To Load It?

Our moving solutions let you complete your move at your pace. We charge a basic rate for the container, usually on a monthly basis. You can take all the time you need to load, and let us know when you're ready.

What is the Cost?

This totally depends on the size of the container, how long you keep it, whether or not we store it on our property, and more. However, the fact is that our moving solutions are often far more affordable than other options and provide you with less stress.

"We needed to store our stuff for several months while our home was being built. Austin Mobile Storage dropped off a pod, we filled it up, and then they stored it at their facility until our house was finished. The pod was waiting for us at our new house after closing! 5-Star service!"

Brenda K.

Cedar Park

"The team at Austin Mobile Storage is incredibly accommodating. They were timely, courteous, and always polite on the phone. So easy to work with! Would definitely recommend."

Mary M.


"I recently had to move out of my house temporarily to have some work done. After checking with the well known brand named storage POD companies I ran across Austin Mobile Storage. I worked with Jay who was very accommodating and nice. And their prices were definitely more reasonable. I very much recommend them for storage needs. 2 thumbs up!" 😉

Sheri H.


"I would give Austin Mobile Storage more than 5 stars!!!! Definitely recommend to use this company for your storage or moving needs. Jay and Mike were so helpful, kind and very professional. A big move can be very stressful but they made my move so easy and stress free. Thank you so much from the Jackson family. We appreciate all that you have done. You all are awesome!"

Simon J.

Round Rock


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